Calculation of cations and legand concentrations
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In order to mimic intracellular cation (e.g. Ca2+) concentrations, we usually include
cation chelators such as EDTA and EGTA in our buffering solution. However, as normal cells
also contains ATP that also binds to Mg2+ and Ca2+, we are required to solve complicated
sysyetm of equations in order to estimate actual concentratins of free cations and MgATP etc.
Please, use this progrtam in such a case.

細胞内のCa濃度は,1μM〜0.1μMと極めて低い濃度であるが,in vitroでこの
ここで紹介するプログラムは,通常in vitro用緩衝液に,これらのキレーターやMg,Ca

Ref. Goldstein D.A. (1979) Biophys. J., 26(2):235-242.

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